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Scoliometer for iPhone and Android Demonstration

This is a demonstration of how to use the Scoliometer app on iPhone and Android to measure a persons scoliosis. Website - ScolioTrack Website ...

ScolioTrack the most advanced scoliometer on your iPhone or Android

1 Scoliosis tracking and measuring app for your iPhone or Android. Now available in 20 languages and used by doctors and patients around the world!

Skoliometri iPhone ja Android - KÄYTTÖOHJE


Scoliometer Lesson

Learn how to use a scoliometer to measure rib rotations in scolisois. This is NOT a substitute for an x-ray which measures curvatures of the spine. This is a tool to ...

Digital Scoliometer for scoliosis | ScolioTrack Health In Your Hands, a series of scoliosis prevention and treatment tools founded by Dr. Kevin Lau; which includes his book 'Your ...

Scolios Track App Review

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Scoliosis iPhone and Android App to Monitor your Spine ScolioTrack is a safe and innovative way to track one's scoliosis condition in the comfort of their own homes, just as a doctor would in ...

[BSOTD] Use magicplan on your iphone to measure a room and make a floorplan

Use magicplan on your iphone to measure a room and make a floorplan See

Doctors App.mp4

Doctors App available for iphone and android. All customizable.

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